All my interactions are frozen!

Until yesterday evening, my interactions were working well, with the exception of 2 manual overlays that were not responding in the prototype mode. I decided to go to bed and see if everything would be back to normal today (I have seen this happening to Figma many times).

To my surprise, all my interactions are frozen today! I have no idea what could have gone wrong. Can anyone help? Thank you in advance.

Link: Figma]

Are you using Web or Desktop version?

Desktop version, on Chrome

I am sorry, I meant Web! it is the web version!

Whenever I experience a glitch with Figma I either reload the tab, or if necessary, restart the browser.

Have you tried using the Desktop version? It’s not without a glitch or two here and there, but I find it to be quite stable.

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I have just installed the desktop version, opened the .fig file and the problem remains… I hope I won’t loose this file… :confused: I will try to restart the browser too.

It did not work. Thank you, I am still open to any troubleshooting insights you or anyone else may have!

I have just contacted Figma support, and sent the links below. If anyone can help with a troubleshooting, I would appreciate it .

Video link: [ - Google Drive]

Editable file: [ Figma]

Prototype: Figma

Your prototype works the way you set it up. It doesn’t have any bug. And freezes of the prototype occur due to the fact that the overlay immediately opens. As you know, overlays block other interactions until you close them.

The solution is very simple: just remove the interactions of opening overlays when mouse leaves.


Thank you, @tank666! lol I did not know that, really. I am new to Figma, and still learning. How can I merge the 2 interactions: add to cart button + visibility of cart status, without using overlay? And thanks again, you saved the day.

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