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Prototype is freezing

Hello :wave:

First i want to say that it’s really a game changer. It’s really powerfull and i think it will change the way we will use figma.

But I have a lot of freezes happening with my prototype.
I did spend a lot of time to find the issue but couldn’t find a reason (sorry).
I am pretty sure it’s not bad links or an overlay that don’t close.

Some of the problems appeared today. I have a lot of variants swiching at mouse enter and sometimes freeze when click.

Crash list :

  • Room fullscreen > Freeze when i open sidebar (icon at the bottom right) and sometimes prototype screen becomes white
  • Green room > When i click the start button in the start event modal (top right button to access)
  • Room fullscreen > Freeze when i try to remove a stream (x on the stream)
  • Room fullscreen > Name should show when no mouse on hover but they stay hidden

It is a very advanced prototype so it can be useful to test things :

Rémi Fayolle
Product designer @ Livestorm

Hello I am Brazilian, there are crashes similar to me, they started this morning because I have to navigate through the menus created in the prototyping but there are several crashes happening and even some hours a white screen appeared.

My prototypes are freezing also :frowning: at Thursday everything was totally alright, and works in prototype mode correctly, from yesterday after one action is taken (for example click on some link to another page) it start to freeze and nothing happened after - no interaction is working again :frowning:
I try to open a link in the browser and it works (basically not) the same ;/

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Hello Alice, it is good to open a ticket with the support, as I was convinced that the figma team is not aware of the problem yet, I have already made the call but they have not returned anything yet and the problem continues …

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Strange thing, I opened support ticket about this as it just started happening for me, but in the middle I have decided to go into NVIDIA C-panel and change preferred GPU, and it seem to have fixed the problem. Gone over that practice when Illustrator starting blank and had menus missing while on NVIDIA chip, so I used integrated Intel GPU chip, and it fixed Illustrator. Now for Figma the opposite happened. It was preferring Integrated, but when I switched to NVIDIA chip, it fixed problem. I have to point out too that I did not experience problem while using browser version of Figma, in the latest Mozilla Firefox, only Figma Desktop APP, and all on Windows 10. I hope this helps at least someone. Cheers all!