New Comments not instantly shown on canvas

Since the new comments feature is released. We’ve found out that the comment you left on the design mock is not instantly shown on the mock once you finish commenting and click the “send”. You will have to wait a certain time to see there is a spot (“your comment”) appearing on the mock, which is weird because it gives you a feeling that you didn’t send the comment.


I’ve had this happen as well.

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Same here, with desktop version.

This did not happen immediately after the new comments feature was released, but has started to be a problem the last few days.

I find that if I go to Figma → Check for Updates → Reload All Tabs, my comments then show again. But this is becoming tedious. I have to do it several times a day.

Furthermore, I am now finding that even when I’ve been notified (in email) of a new reply to a comment, when I click on the link and the file is opened, sometimes the other person’s comment is actually not visible to me.

  1. My new comments are not visible. This is the second day this has happened. I need to restart the Figma app to have them appear.

  2. Uploaded a video.

  3. Does anyone else experience this? What’s the deal? Bug! :beetle:

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i have a video of the problem but I cant upload it because I’m a new user. OMG

I created a new frame, added an image, and then started annotating the image with comments. The comment just disappears after I click return. It’s not being saved. tried twice now. I am adding the name of a person who I want to answer the comment in the comment.

I’ve noticed that comments in the desktop app are very glitchy lately. When I resolve something, it doesn’t go away, and when I create a new comment it disappears (even though other users can see it). It seems like multiple people on my team are experiencing the same issue.


Same. Comments are a hot mess in the desktop app.
Seems fine in the browser though.

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The new comments are nice but super buggy and slow. Comments don’t appear until some time after they have been posted.

Does anyone else experience this?

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If you put your Mac to sleep, open it the next day, while the Figma file is still in the same session, the comments would stop updating live

  • “read” comments are not “read”
  • If you try to add a comment it wouldn’t appear (even though it appears for other users who recently opened this file, so IT IS registering in the backend)
  • “resolved” comments doesn’t appear as resolved
  • Comments cannot be moved around etc.

2022-01-21 10.27.44

This was never an issue before the new comment tool (which is fantastic btw, just buggy)
The only fix atm is to re-open the Figma file, which is a pain when collaborating with someone.

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When I am posting a comment, the frame & comment go grey and I do not see my face with my avatar on the screen that I commented. it’s very frustrating as I had the impression my comment was not posted, and I noticed after some time that I could see them on the panel on the right side so I had to delete them manually one by one, really frustrating :frowning:

Does anyone else experienced this? Maybe it’s only a temporary bug cause I did not have the impression that it worked like that on the other days

This is happening for me as well, no comments are showing after entering them. I used the work around of reloading tabs that @Laura_Lou mentioned above, but this will become a hassle if I have to do that every time I want to check if my colleagues have made comments.

Hopefully this bug can be fixed soon!

For me, comments also happened to show up even after minutes when the internet connection was poor. That sometimes causes me to create a few comments on the same thing…

This is killing me. I can’t collaborate with people when comments disappear like this…


New comments is piece of shit! Why when I click “resolved” I still see this comment?? Why I don’t see ordinal comment number? Why I can’t hide comment?

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I have the same

I’m also having a ton of issues with the new comments:

  • Comments don’t show up after you submit
  • New comments don’t show up if the file is currently open (have to re-open the file for them to show up)

These issues are seriously impacting our collaboration and workflow. Please get these issues fixed or revert back to the previous version of comments (until the problems are resolved).

I am having the same issue that was reported in this link in December. I experience it frequently, even after refreshing the page and tabs.

Also worth noting that I have no way of commenting or re-opening the below reported issue.

Figma won’t delete comments. No matter which option do I choose - either resolve or delete thread - the result is always the same - an error “Sorry. This comment is unavailable”. Any clues?

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  • Comments don’t show up after you submit
  • New comments don’t show up if the file is currently open (have to re-open the file for them to show up)

Same issue here. I have to restart Figma often to see the new comments.

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