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New Comments Feature

I’m so excited. I heard that they gonna make a big change to the comment feature like you can hover on the comment while editing. But I haven’t got it yet or am I misunderstood. Did anyone experience it?

@JohnGault, make sure that you have the newest version of Figma installed, and the new comments should be there :slight_smile:

I’m actually not sure if the new commenting feature has rolled out to everyone. We’re all on the latest at my company and still have the old experience. I didn’t think it would take this long to release to everyone and am hoping we get access soon.

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Same here. All on the latest versions and still don’t see new comments.

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Yep, same here, still waiting. Hopefully this will be rolled out soon :pray:

Sometimes I’ve just dragged the comment without wanting to.

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Still waiting for it here as well. I was really excited for this update, and it’s now been over a month and a half since it was released.


I’m at a billion-dollar company and we still don’t have the new comments either

It’s really annoying as it stops me from having a full overview of my design work when I zoom out and in, it is just they blocking the view.

Shift+C to hide/show the comments

New comments have been rolled out to everyone!