Mirroring appeared out of nowhere in the component

Today, while changing the theme of the component, I noticed that the element is mirrored. If you extract a light or dark element from a component and change the theme, it is mirrored. Then I noticed that for some reason the left component and all its components are at rotation of 180. This is strange because I copied the 2nd field from the previous one, they were identical. I changed the rotation from 180 to 0 and… it didn’t change anything. Now (as it was) I have 2 identical fields, but they are mirrored when changing the theme. I can’t change it even if I change the switch type. I don’t want to rebuild because there are over 100 dialogs attached to this component.
What is happening and how to solve the problem? Everything was fine before that. I can attach this file with this broken element (it work the same way independent of the file), but the style has been changed because of NDA.

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Thank you. I put them at the same point and saw that the second one is below the first one, that is, the second one is upside down. And after turning the second one over, I realized that the first one was upside down and turned both over again.
I called it a bug because I used this element a couple of weeks ago and everything worked fine, without any problems. I am the only one who can edit the project, so how this element became mirrored and with an angle of 180 on all elements of this component is incomprehensible.