Looking for a quick and easy way to "package" a Figma project to handoff to non figma users


I am working in a studio where we have some people using Figma, and a few people still using InDesign. The people using Figma do occasionally need to handoff their work to the designers using InDesign, and they are getting a lot of feedback that the inDesign users are not able to find the assets they need to do their work in InDesign. We have been trying to practice good file hygene on our shared server so that everyone on the team can find assets, no matter what they are using to do design. However, it’s still an issue. What can I say, the InDesign users are a little… old school (and stubborn).

So, even though all of the assets (images, illustrations, copy, icons, etc…) are in a folder for anyone to use, we are looking for a way to make it even easier for the InDesing users to find the assets they need, quickly.

Is there a way to “package” a Figma project similar to the way you would a InDesign file? Meaning, in a few clicks, make a folder, and have all of the images used in a particular project saved to that folder, and nothing else. Also, the images need to be their original size and uncropped. I know how to export individual images from Figma. But they are resized and cropped to match what is on the page they came from.

Ideally, I want the Figma user to be able to do their work, then when they are ready to hand off to a designer using InDesign, they just quickly save all of the images they used into a folder so the InDesign designers have no excuse that they cant find them.

I wish I could get everyone using Figma, but that’s not happing, unfortunately.

Hey David,
Thank you for taking the time to give this detail feedback. We’ll pass along to our team for consideration.
In the meantime, as a workaround, can you try to use this shortcut : Command + Shift + E ? This will help you to select all pictures from your file to export.
Hope this helps!