LAUNCHED: Preview font families on page when cycling through with the arrow keys


There was a feature in Figma, that when you cycled between font families with the arrow keys, the text changed on the page to that font even before confirming the change.

Now with the new font window, you need to confirm your selection to preview the text in your page. If you don’t like it, you need to again open up the fonts window, and go through the process.

Photoshop behavior is much nicer, where you see the fonts in the window, how they are, plus there’s a preview on the page.

I believe this feature was working fine before the updates.

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Please bring this feature back.
im not sure devs realize how vital this is in fast paced prototyping environments.


This is the only thing bugging me in Figma since the latest release.

  • 1 Please bring it back!

I’m struggling with the same issue.
I’d love to see the old font selection back without a separate window.

I think we just needed the “font preview” feature, to be able to see the fonts on the list without the need to memorize them, just that would have been end game for real.

I’d also love to see this feature back!
I’ve gotten so used to cycling through different fonts with the arrow keys to see what visually fits with the text content already there and now that option is gone.

Hey all thanks for sharing this feedback. This is actually on our radar to bring back! :slight_smile: There are, however, a few aspects of this feature that we hope to first improve/refine before we do, but will keep this thread updated when possible.



this change was intentional with the launch of Font picker

I was hoping that it was a bug … I’m sorry, but this is really bad UX :frowning: Why removing that functionality at all? You could have both (eg. Affinity has previews + quick change with arrows).

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I used to use keyboard arrows up and down to have a preview of next and previous fonts immediately on my mockup. Now it is not possible. I have to click to select the font to get it on my mockup. It is so annoying!


I agree - removing that in-context preview really makes this a lot harder.


This is a major downgrade to a feature that worked really well previously. Please fix.


this is absolutely a disgrace.
literally killed a central part of my prototyping from reference.
it was a vital part of my creative process that allowed me to speed up design decisions.

i literally will have to change software from now on.


changing this feature is insane.

i had to spend the last two hours and a half doing the work i usually do in a fraction of the time, literally 15 minutes at max.
honestly, you killed the product with this.


Thank you all for your feedback!

We’ve move your replies to a new feature request, so that we can gauge interest in bringing this back. Be sure to Vote! :ballot_box:

Font library.

Hi all! Tell me who knows.

Previously, before the update, I could iterate through the fonts in the library and see instantly how this family font is applied in the workspace.

Now the font is applied only on click and the modal window with the font library disappears after the click.

Previously, I could instantly apply a font and see the result immediately by simply iterating over the font family. Now it has become very uncomfortable. Maybe there is a way to iterate over fonts quickly like before?

Thank you!


+. Preview the selected text layer when hovering over the font.

Crazy that this is gone now.

There’s also no way to preview fonts with all caps, all lower caps etc being active. The preview pane doesn’t change if the text property is set to one of those. Previously, I could apply whatever I wanted and then cycle through each font with these things applied. Now it’s a multistep process and takes far, far longer to go through each individual font.

For an app that is literally a UX tool, this is an odd choice to be making.


Also, if I want to flick through to see what the word ‘Zoo’ looks like in each of my fonts, how does a font preview using the font’s name help? 99.9% of the time I’m not going to see the letter ‘Z’ in a font name. I can’t get over how bad of a change this is, with no option to go back to the previous method.

There’s no way a designer who actively designs every day came up with this


Please bring this back.

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i wonder if this is a bug or not, because it hasnt been fixed for 2 weeks and its really scary


Yes they need to bring that back! The update is nice but this is missing…

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