LAUNCHED: Preview font families on page when cycling through with the arrow keys

Why only 10 people voted this? Does everyone else design without changing fonts, has fixed which fonts to use, has remembered and knows how the fonts look like? Or am I the only one who doesn’t know how to use this new version Figma to preview font? :smiling_face_with_tear:

These are the methods I used to preview fonts in the last version,

  • After selecting a Text and clicking the font name to open the font list, We can’t preview and see how the font looks like when we hover over any font name / use the ↑↓ arrows to browse other font names / type other font name.

  • Double-click font name will only open and close the font list. Unable to highlight and copy paste it.

But now since the entire Text Section of the right sidebar and its user experience have been updated, none of the above methods can be used.

Is there any solution other than using the plugin Font Preview? This plugin is good, but the previous version of Figma that could preview fonts using the above method is better


Hi, the new version doesn’t allow to change and review fonts by using up/down arrow. Users must click and choose the font without any reviewing how the text would show. This is really hard when making typography design. Please fix it! Thank you.

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Yes! What happened? Bring it back please

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This change has me severely pissed as I cannot even use the arrow keys on the keyboard to cycle through fonts that I have, I have to click all over the place.

Changes like these make me want to stop using a tool that changes my workflow on a whim.


I can’t comprehend how it doesn’t have enough attention. The fact you can’t use the keyboard at all to navigate through the options, or how it closes on it’s own even after you move it away from the sidebar so it doesn’t act like a dropdown.

We need this handled, and it’s infuriating coming from a Design tool.

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Please take this back

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*The font preview feature is really important

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This situation is outrageous, I can’t believe we have been forced to deal with this for so long.

Who thought it was a good idea to remove accessibility from such a critical part of the application? Having to precision click to switch a font for preview is DRIVING ME INSANE.

Keep the damn window open at the very least, it’s aggravating.

In “Figma Learn” there is mention of this feature, and you can see how the window that appears is detached from the sidebar, something that you can do currently… but the thing works like it’s a dropdown.

You click it, and it closes. Leaving it open at the very least sounds like the bare minimum.


Related issue, possible parent for all condensed feedback:

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Related issue, possible parent for all condensed feedback:

Bring back Font Canvas Preview - Share an idea - Figma Community Forum

Update: This post was yanked from another thread into this one and context is somewhat lost. I’m not going to work on fixing the links.

I went ahead and found all the related entries to this issue, and added backlinks to keep all feedback condensed. It’s been over a month and this feature has disrupted how a lot of designers work.

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“Amazing” comments from Figma Representatives:

Amazing comments from Figma Users:


In font picker it would be amazing if you can provide font preview on hover

Can you elaborate?
The font picker already provides a preview. You want to see the text that maybe you selected to be temporarily shown in the font under the cursor?
In a tooltip or you want the actual textfield element to be updated?

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Definitely need to be able to preview the selected text layer when hovering over the font.

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I want the text layer to be temporarily updated while you hover on any font.

And ↑↓ arrow should be used to actually select any nearest font

These features already exist in PS and AI

This is a must!! When going through lots of fonts and trying to pick one you like, there are waaayyyyyy too many clicks involved!!

  1. Select your text
  2. Click on the font selector
  3. Scroll/search for font
  4. Select the new font

The font preview then closes!! So you have to click on it again if you don’t like it!

I want to be able to click on the font selector and type directly into the box, and use the arrow keys to go up and down the list without having to click into the font list again, meanwhile it should be previewing my text

Adobe does this perfectly, we shouldn’t be having to ask for this feature


Figma had these feature where you could select the font/text dropdown and quickly toggle between all your fonts with the arrow keys it was SO USEFUL why would they get rid of these feature?! im livid.

in the older version, we switch fonts easily through the up & down button with the preview, but now only we can see only fonts without a preview

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Came here to write this exactly. Though a small feature, It’s a massive time save. Please bring back the ability to scroll through fonts using up and down key.

Pretty Please. :slight_smile:

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Yup, this new font selector actually slows me down rather than being an improvement.