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Each should be displayed in its own font. Hate having to actually make the change to simply discover what a font looks like. This wheel has already been invented. Why are we using square wheels?

Also, if I have a bit of text selected and I want to explore other font options, it would be slick if I could simply hover above each font name and have my selected text pop to that font for a preview. No changes would actually be made unless the font name was clicked.

(Overall, if Figma is going to offer the ability to type words, it might as well implement all the basic, expected, word-processing industry standards. So much is missing. Not having basic things like fonts displayed in their own font kicks the UX in the shins.)


When I’m doing exploratory brand/visual design work I’m often playing around with typefaces. I wish I could see the typeface rendered in the type dropdown so that before selection I can quickly see if the style fits my work and then make the selection

Right now I open the dropdown, select, look at it on the page, open the dropdown again, etc or I open up font book and see typefaces there, then find the type face in figma and select it.

Anyone else which there was some sort of font preview in the dropdown, or have any other interesting work arounds?


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No Doubt Figma is something like a wand to Graphic Designing.
Very User Friendly and convenient to use. despite that i would prefer to look over very
basic requirement for Font Preview. For the Beginners who’ve just started to work on this platform might get confused about the fonts they are selecting for. They need some kind of reference to look over the actual font and search for that in Figma.

Does anyone else experience this? Is anyone using a plugin or workaround to help solve this?
Definitely Yes, I guess because there is no option to preview Fonts we are looking for. We need plugins to do that if available. I Request the Developer Team to Look into this requirements as important as all.
Thank You.

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It would be great if there could be font preview.
When a user hovers fonts in fonts section it can be shown while hovering on the font type.

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  1. Describe the problem your experiencing and how your idea helps solve this
    I want a quick preview of what each font looks like without having to select each one for my text to see how it looks like.

  2. Add as much context as possible (screenshots, Figma files, mockups, etc.)
    Let’s say I’m designing a social media post and I want to see which font would best fit the image of the post and the “vibe” that I’m going for. I want a quick preview of how the available fonts look like without having to click on each one in the dropdown box.
    INSTEAD, I’d like to see inside the dropdown box, each font’s name in the their own font. For example, the font Abel would be seen in Abel font inside the dropbox when I’m in the process of selecting a font. Then the next font, let’s say Algerian, is displayed using the Algerian font.
    Hopefully this explanation isn’t confusing, but hope this feedback could be somewhat useful to helping make Figma better! :smiley:

Thank you!

  1. Ask questions to bring the community into the conversation
    Does anyone else think this change would also help them in their designing process? :smile:
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This to me is THE BIGGEST glaring issue in Figma at this point. Better control over previewing fonts without having to use a plugin, sorting/filtering options, font “playlists” of favorites/frequently used, etc. would be considered essential.


Pain- While searching for a suitable font, it’s difficult to recognize font styles.
I have to select my text & keep selecting every font type to see if it’s appropriate. There is too much time wasted & sometimes it’s too miserable & frustrating to search for fonts. Please help with the best solution similar to how you have awesome solutions for other design aspects.

Suggestion / Recommendation:
It would be great if you could display this type of list of fonts. Such a list will make it easier to make a choice. The user can choose the font at a glance.

I think it would be a great add to be able to visualize the fonts in the scrolling menu. For now you have to click on one to see how it is on your text but I believe it’s really time-consuming.

Thank you !

Sad to find that this looks to be unresolved - I just signed up for Figma and thought I was missing something obvious when I couldn’t see any font previews. During signup, I think I saw something about it using Google Fonts by default. So one small hack is to go to the Google Fonts website to browse the fonts, and then go back to Figma to choose the font from the list. Hopefully this will be addressed soon, but in the meantime this might save some time/clicks.

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This will help to improve not just the work time on the design but also the visual aspect of matching styles which could improve creativity for the designer. I offer to help Figma devs with the code to accomplish this.

:100:. My friend just switch to Sketch when he started choosing font :grin:

100% agree here. At least make a visual reference sheet. We can’t go through these 1-by-1.

Dear figma devs, thanks for a terrific product so far!

This behavior must be implemented. This soft about design :thinking: Cant understand why is it still so uncomfortable

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