LAUNCHED! Feature: Comments

Enjoying the renewed mobile app a lot — especially browsing through files in the organisation has become so much more convenient!

The main feature I’m really missing is the ability to view and write comments: I’m on the go, not actually doing any design work, but I receive a notification of a comment (via email or Slack); I would love to view that in the app! It would even be great if I can also reply to those comments, resolve them, or maybe leave an emoji response!

Thanks for all the hard work on this; happy to brainstorm on it further if needed :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the feedback! This is a great idea.


Agree, I would love this! I keep opening the links in Slack notifications to the app. Sharing protos, mirroring as am working, and responding to comments are my three most common mobile use cases - first two are great now, just missing the third!


This is a great idea!

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I’ve wanted the same for ages — not so much just on prototypes, but the ability on mobile/tablet to at least view all pages/artboards (while non-editable) to at least view, respond, and add new comments.

It’d be a convenient way to review and give feedback without having to “go to the office” (login on desktop.)


Please make this happen! Comments have become something more than just text, they are conversations and even tracking tasks now


I use the mobile version to play prototypes.

It is in the mobile version, as the closest to reality, that the flaws and errors of the prototype are found.

However, there is no way to immediately inform the designer about it.

I don’t dream of pointing out a specific element. Well, at least on a specific page. Well, at least just send a message to figma.

Is it possible? Is there such an important function in the plans?



Absolutely agree. See also:

Please! I need this!

+1 on the ability to comment through the mobile app

Add one more vote for this long awaited feature!

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Yes , another vote for this, huge miss!

yes, please add, thanks!

There is a really good use case for this:

I’m afk for some reason and I’ll get a Figma comment. Email notification does a great job telling me which part of the design has been commented and what is the comment…

… now I’m thinking about a response. Maybe it’s something I can answer right away and help a person get unstuck, but I can’t reply directly. Yes I can use slack / email / etc. but it would mean context switching for both and there wouldn’t be a track that this thing has been solved anywhere in Figma.

Anyway, I love Figma. It’s such a great product.

Please implement comments on mobile! It is a pain to have to wait until I get back to my laptop to respond to an engineer actively working on a design (sometimes several hours later). Really need to be able to comment on the go

Agreed! This would make the app way more useful in my day to day workflow.

How is this not a day 1 feature for the app??

Dear Figma Product Manager there is no more validation needed. From one PM to another you can get this thing shipped in 3 sprints tops even at your scale. Get this feature SHIPPED!! Dear God we’re all begging you! As a PM on the go I get pinged on questions from eng and design all day and don’t have access to my laptop all the time. Especially with remote working so much async convo happening these days.

importance: Critical

Indeed a Critical feature for Figma on mobile platforms, adding comments even more than reading them - Even though the two are tied in some aspect.