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Comment/Reply Feature for Prototypes

Is there a way to create a user comment or reply function for my prototype? So that when using the prototype you could add comments or replies?

Comment tool is available for registered Figma users in prototypes just like in files.

Thanks, can you tell me more? Where do I find it? Is there an instructional video ?


I sent a screenshot. Just click this icon in the prototype and comment.

Oh, I mean I want to add a comment feature for end users of the app.

This needs to be implemented in the app itself, not Figma.

Do you mean, Figma doesn’t allow you to make a prototype with a commnet feature?

Maybe I don’t understand what figma is. I thought I could build a functioning app with functionality such as:

use camera
watch embedded video

No, Figma is a design tool, not a development tool. It is made for making prototypes, not working websites/apps. Everything that is made in Figma needs to be translated into code manually by developers.

ah, ok.