Is it possible to copy between component their properties?

I’m trying to copy component properties from one to the other without copying the variants. This is very useful when creating the device variations for the same component. I know one solution is putting all the device variations in the same component but sometimes the client wants every breakpoint device as an isolated one.

Hi. I’m not sure I understand completely. So I’m guessing you have a set of components with various properties grouped together as variants. And you want to add a component into the variant set that is not already there? Or you want to hive off and make a whole other cluster of components and group that new cluster as variants?
For the second case: One thing I do is copy out of the variant box one of the component variants using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+ V. Then make a copy of that–so now you have two copies. Then you can detach both. Then you can select the portion of detached component 1 that has the properties you want, and do a "Copy properties- from the right click menu. Then select that same section on detached component 2 and on the right click menu choose paste properties. Then select the second detached component and create a component from it.

Here are other videos you might want to look at:


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