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Copy/Paste variant properties

I have a component made of variants – say a Button controlled by 2 properties Color and State. Keeping it simple for the example but imagine I have 10+ properties in my variant.

In my design I create multiple Button instances, all configured differently (variant wise). So say I have a red idle button and also a blue pressed one.

When you want to modify the variant properties of an instance, you have to go to the panel, identify what property controls what, and remember how you should set them in order to achieve the expected result.

What I’d love to have is an equivalent of “Copy properties” but that controls only the variant properties:

  • Select red idle button
  • Copy variant properties
  • Select blue pressed button
  • Paste variant properties

…and I now have two red idle buttons.

Anyone would find this useful or knows such a shortcut?

Every time I can do actions while keeping my eyes on the canvas increases my focus.

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