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Interactive component inside interactive component with swapped items in instance reacts unexpected


I am trying to create an interactive side menu. I have been working on this for quite some time now but there is one behavior that I cannot explain and seems to be a bug.

I have created a variant for menu items including a prototype interaction:
2021-08-19 20_12_06-Interactive components test - Figma

Next I have created a menu sidebar variant (one to for each active menu item with all others disabled)

Next I took an instance of the side menu and set each menu item to the desired item (by swapping the menu items).

When I run the prototype, the interactions of the individual menu items seems to get mixed up by the system, items do not get the desired active state and start jumping around.

The prototype can be found here:

The setup can be found here:

Please let me know if this is indeed a bug, or if I am doing something wrong with this.


same problem here, when I try to sweep between buttons and i make a loop to come back and start again Figma loses it, even the buttons that have no prototype connection will act as another variant connection

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