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Interactive components make prototype go crazy on its own

First off, I love the way that Interactive components can be wired within a Variant. Very intuitive.

However, it’s making my interactive prototypes go haywire with normal clickable flows.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I added hover states to buttons and inputs in a shared library in my design system file.
  2. I shared those changes to the shared library with a project that uses those components and already has a wired up clickable prototype that has been rigorously tested.
  3. I reviewed and accepted the shared library changes to interactive components.
  4. On clicking through the prototype, the hover states “usually” work, but I’ve had to restart a few times when they stopped.
  5. However, at some point clicking through, the prototype flips out. To be specific, upon clicking a button or link to navigate to another frame, sometimes the prototype navigates to a different frame, then quickly navigates to another and another in quick succession, sometimes in what looks like a loop, but it goes by so quick it’s hard to tell.
  6. This has happened 3 times in a row, but not always at the same time in the flow. Therefore, this is too unstable, so I am about to disable all the interactive prototyping hover states and try it again.

Any advice or diagnostic I can do to help you guys fix this?

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To help the team investigate, I suggest you to add a video recording and a link to the example file. If you don’t want to share them publicly on the forum, feel free to send them to Figma support team via or the support request form.

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Hi @Bill_Stewart_S ! I’m an engineer on the prototyping team. To add onto what Gleb said, this sounds like it could be a pretty serious bug, and sharing a video and file would be very helpful. Please feel free to reach out to either support or DM me. Thank you!

I am also getting this. I have a menu with several interactive components acting as dropdown menus. The dropdowns have text links as second level nav items which link to different frames in the prototype.

When clicking through the prototype, sometimes it navigates to the wrong page. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ll try to recreate in a demo project and upload.

Hi @Scott_B
The problem seems to have resolved itself, except that now I can’t edit the interactive variants. Weird? I posted a different question about that issue, but if you have any advice on that, it would be good.

Two email accounts that I personally use to work on the same prototype.