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Interactive Component Tactics

I’ve been having a few problems with Interactive Components. To be clear, they are amazing. Hover states have never been this easy. Hands down my favorite Figma feature.

Things I’ve seen in Prototype:

• Buttons changing padding on hover
• Hover states working inconsistently
• Worst of all, rapid frame changes on interacting with an interactive component, flickering back and forth through various different frames.

Some of these seem to be triggered by having more than one person in a file at a time, but I can’t guaruntee that. I first noticed issues after I invited someone else to the file after setting up interactivity.

I’ve had some luck not nesting interactive components inside other components as some have mentioned here.

All that said, all of my issues have been fixed by turning interactive components off then on again. Hadn’t even thought to try it until I was troubleshooting the frame flickering issue. Hope that helps anyone reading this!

I may have spoke too soon, I was going back to work and the flicker came back. Any thoughts? Only happens when Interactive Components are on.

Hey @Gregory - we’ve been seeing some reports of flickering come in and have been trying to diagnose the issue. Would it be possible to share the file displaying the bug with me via DM? Thanks!