Instance swap ordering sorts layers alphabetically. Can we use the layer order instead?


First of all thank you for the new release. Autolayout improvements are flawless, and component props really awesome.

I only have a small pickle that is probably bugging just me, but sharing in case there’s others with similar feelings :smiley:

So the story goes:

  1. I created a form field that has the label at the top as a swap instance

  2. I created the instances I wanted to be able to use

  3. I noticed that the order of the instances in the instance picker was not the order I expected

  4. I tried to reorder the layers (as I normally would do in Figma in such situation) but nothing happened

  5. I discovered that the order is actually defined alphabetically

  6. I ended up adding cardinals before each layer so they’d be sorted like I wanted them

  7. I felt like I was using Windows 95 (or the least Figma thing in Figma to date) :stuck_out_tongue:

And so, instance swap ordering sorts layers alphabetically. Can we use the layer order instead (as it was with component instances until recently)?

Core reason is that the likelihood of the alphabetical order being a desirable rule for sorting things that are visual in nature seems rather low, and most importantly it is less flexible!

I believe it always worked like this. I remember when designing one of my unreleased plugins I wanted to add this functionality deliberately.

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I think so too! Though now it looks like the ordering is alphabetical for the component instances too!

No I meant it always was alphabetical. But that’s not important here.

You might want to move your topic to #share so people can vote for this feature request.

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