Individual payment plans in a team?

Hi. The whole team billing thing is really strange.

I thought I only paid for my own pro account and the privilege therein. Is it at all possible to split an invoice to the actual individuals who pay for a pro account?

Hey @Anton_Liljengard, I can understand that you’re find the billing system confusing.

I’m afraid that, at this moment, we’re not able to split an invoice into two separate ones. I can see how what you’re suggesting can be useful for other users, and I’ve noted it for our Product team. I can’t guarantee anything on our end, but I can give it some visibility here.

We’ve released a YouTube video on how to manage seats in Figma, feel free to take a look at it. For more information we have an Help Center article with more information: Manage seats in Figma

Let me know if you have any further questions, happy to help out!