Hidden component still visible

I’ve got a rough design system built but certain components I have marked as hidden will still publish into the library. When I enable the library in another figma file, the components are visible when they should be hidden.

An example of this is I have a component within the design system for all button text, it’s just a plain text layer. It goes into every different variant of a button, but I want the text to remain the same across all button types, hence the maser button text component.

When I publish the design system, I right click on the Master/Button Text component, click Hide when publishing, and then Publish. When I search for “button” in the assets library of a working design file, both my Button component and Button Text component show up.

I swear this used to work fine for me and only recently did components I want hidden start showing up.

Does anyone have any insight?

I’ve also tried renaming the components I want hidden with the “.” or “/” method, but even after republishing the library, the name change does not take effect. The library is publishing successfully, as other changes work fine.

Just went through hell tyring to figure this out. If you have instances of the master component in your design then they will still show up in the component list.

Since I was doing a lot of testing I had placed some components in my design that later I switched to masters and everything got confusing as fuck. Hope this helps.

Yea, I’ve given up. I don’t think there’s a way to do what we need to yet. I’ve resorted to just adding a :no_entry_sign:to every component name that I don’t want used outside of the design library. It’s not great but it’s better than nothing.

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