HELP! Distribute Horizontal Spacing Shortcut Not Working / Bug

As of today (6/17/22), the ‘Distribute Horizontal Spacing’ shortcut (Alt+Shift+H) is no longer working.

Using the shortcut doesn’t distribute the spacing between selected objects, instead it aligns them all in in the center in the same way that Alt+H would. Strangely, it also re-orders the selected layers so that they are sequential in the layers list, even if they were previously not in a sequence.

It’s now only possible to evenly space objects by opening the ‘more options’ dropdown in the Design tab and selecting Distribute Horizontal Spacing, but this is frustrating and slow.

I’ve tested my keyboard and verified it’s not a hardware or software issue, and have restarted figma, my computer, and tested multiple objects on different files - but so far nothing has resolved this. Also, this bug does not seem to have affected the ‘Distribute Vertical Spacing’ shortcut, as it’s still functioning normally.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!



I can also confirm that this is happening on both the Windows 10 Desktop App and the Browser-based platform.

same problem, please fix it

I have the same problem. Still haven’t figured out how to fix it and it’s really annoyed me.

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Same problem here. No ideia how to fix it. Also running windows 10 latest build. Not a hardware problem because I tested multiple keyboards and everything works fine in other softwares

do they already know about this, this bug has been frustrating us for the user who uses shortcuts a lot

It looks like this bug has been resolved as of this morning! Alt-Shift-H is working as-expected on all files and objects that I’ve tested it on.

There was a Figma update prompt when I opened it this morning, so I suspect this bug was patched as part of that.