Unable to sort variable properties

As the title says - I cannot sort the variant properties anymore, more precisely I cannot drag the values up and down in that glorious box anymore in order to change their order.

I cannot help notice that this is getting better and better with each update: first the old way of sorting values / properties that actually worked like a charm and used to be fast, was replaced with this superb list that gives you poor visibility if you have more than 6 values and inept sorting capabilities. Because why not. Now, to rub the salt in the wound, the fabulous sorting capability that I just mentioned is gone. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

I often wonder if someone from Figma is actually using the tool? Trying it out? I don’t understand why this panel got nerfed when the oh-so-phenomenal new component properties were introduced, it’s like shooting yourself in the leg, but we all got wounded -you know…?


We are having the same issue. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon.

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Same issue here. Thought I was losing my mind lol.

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