Cannot manage well components in Figma v 114.4

My Figma just udpated to version 114.4… before this I could manage components and properties and variants. Now you cannot add variants from the Design panel and all variants only have one property. I somehow can add many properties, but the variants will use only one. Is this a bug? Or it’s just me being lost in the new version?

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Correct if I’m wrong, but it seems that you’re supposed to use it differently for now on, using the component’s property types exclusively.

There is still something I’m not understanding 100% about components in the new release… but at least now I’ve found my way to manage properties like I used to do before (basically I need to always select “add variant” )… after giving me a 2-hour heart attack, I now love this new release :sweat_smile:

From my understanding (and I could definitely be wrong), this isn’t the case. There’s nothing stopping anyone from making variants the old way, other than the fact that they moved the button you need to click to make them. From my experimentations so far I think there might use cases for both doing it the traditional way with variants, or using the new component properties. And the two approaches can be combined.