Emojis disappearing from the thumbnails

Hi everyone! I have a problem with emojis disappearing from the thumbnails.

As you can see the master file has a gemstone on the cover, but it doesn’t appear on the thumbnail. I designed it last year and everything was perfect, but now when I try to recreate this approach, the emoji just don’t show up on the thumbnails.

What’s funny is when I copy the cover from the old files and copy it to the new one, everything works fine, but when I start making changes to the text frame in the copied cover, the emoji disappears from the thumbnail again.

Things I tried to do so far:

  • resetting the app
  • clearing the cache
  • building the cover again from scratch

It seems like Figma completely lost the ability to show the emojis on the thumbnails for me. Any ideas on how to fix that? Anyone has the same problem?

This is happening for me as well. Seems like the emojis remain in old thumbnails that were set but as you mentioned; when setting a new one/changing the emoji and resetting they don’t show up.

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Unfortunately, I have the same thing. The emojis on the covers just stopped showing up.

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Hi there,

Thank you for flagging this issue! I have forwarded your concern to our internal team to check if there are any related ongoing issues. I will provide an update as soon as I have information that can be shared. Thanks for your patience!



Hi all @Adrian_Rymuza @Hannah_Taylor @EvgenySereda

Thanks for your patience. This issue has been fixed. Could you check if the thumbnails went back to normal with emojis?


Yes, they are. Well, apparently, all the old emojis (which were not displayed) need to be deleted and new ones made, and then they are shown

Thanks for your reply! It is interesting… Could you share the screenshots?

When I paste Emojis in to our slide deck they just dont show up :confused:

Hi there,

Thanks for pointing that out. Could you let me know where you copied the emojis from? Are the emojis missing entirely, or is the Unicode broken? I just want to understand the issue clearly.