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Emoji disappear after an interaction with interactive component

Sorry if this duplicates another thread, but my cursory search did not bring this up.

I am experiencing disappearing emoji (in strings) in interactive components. The emoji will initially show if in the default state but will blink out of existence if there is an interaction and will not return, even when returning to the initial default state.

I have a simple button with an emoji in the string and it will disappear during the interaction and never reappear. The emoji is gone, but the text doesn’t reflow it acts like the emoji is still there, it is just gone … invisible.

Sometimes the emoji blinks in and out on initial interactions before disappearing for good.

Here is an example file: Emoji Bug (Figma)

Here is the prototype: Emoji Bug (Prototype)

Note: I am on a PC, I have not tested this on Mac. This behavior is happening for me in the desktop app.

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This is happening for me, too. On Mac.

Seeing a similar problem when using smart animate to slide and fade a component that include emoji in the text. The emoji only appears after the component stops moving. It seems to start to work sometimes after a couple of repeated plays but is buggy and always fails to show up the first time.