Issue with Emojis in Figma/FigJam Section Titles

Noticed that certain emojis, like flags, aren’t showing up in section titles on both Figma and FigJam. I’ve tried using the emoji keyboard in Figma, but still no luck. I’m trying to display flags to represent different language versions. Any ideas on how to fix this?

The emoji appears when I’m editing the section, but it displays differently after I save it.

Hello @Fruzsina_Ferenci, Thanks for reaching out about flag emojis! I have tested this behavior on my end as well on Figma design file and I see the section name on the canvas not showing flag emojis but “Layers” panel does. So I find this situation a bit odd.

I’m currently exploring possible workarounds for you, but I haven’t had much success yet. I also have reached out to our team internally to gather more insights.

I will keep you updated if I have any new information! Additionally, we welcome any further insights or workaround from community. Feel free to join the discussion!


Hi @Fruzsina_Ferenci, After consulting with our internal team, would you mind contacting our support team directly at the following link:
Kindly use your Figma account email, provide a direct link to the file, and invite with “can edit” permission (Please note that this will not affect your billing.) So our support team take a closer look to see if there is a workaround.


Hi @Junko3 , thank you for your help, I will contact the support team!