Dependencies for Community Libraries

We publish libraries for Figma Community to consume, as we have partners that are building on top of what we put out the door. However, those libraries have dependencies on other libraries we publish.

Does dependency management exist for downloaded libraries, so downloading one downloads the others, and keeps all in sync? (e.g. Main Lib (version variants) + Color lib (default variants) + Icon Lib (a few variants)


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Have not tried it via physical download, would assume that after the download the user to see some missing libraries. They could get all of them and re-link as their own, doubt it will happen automatically.

Wondering why not to share these files with them instead? If you make them publicly available wouldn’t it be better just to share those files using standard permission model where anyone with the link can view the file and being able to use them as a team library? Seems easier from many different angles

Could be any number of various groups, on any various versions. Far easier to let them self-download.

Have you tried yourself? I’d expect to see “missing library” in assets windows for each dependency.