[Bug] Stroke thickness doesn't change

After latest Figma updates, which added individual borders, stroke thickness has been buggy on my side. I just basically can’t change it sometimes. It’s not that I forget something, I just create a new line and can not change its thickness, but if I restart Figma (desktop app), the problem dissappears for some time.

It seems like the bug appears after I use individual borders somewhere.


I’m having the same issue since the new updates.

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I also have a bug with the stroke after the update. When I set the inner outline of an object that is in the auto layout with an absolute position, it turns into a 2-pixel outline in center.

I have the same bug and this has completely broken my lineal icon design pipeline at a critical moment !

can we revert back to the old version while we wait for you to fix this breaking change? and if not, a: why not? and b: how long should we expect to wait for a hotfix ?

Same problem here, also the font-weight changes and escapes from the component state!

Hi same issue here, although I’m not able to consistently reproduce it and this randomness in behaviour is hampering with my workflow.

Hello there! (same here) :cry:

Same here! Can’t change stroke thickness…

Solution: First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of figma. The problem is if you are trying to declare thickness value with comma , it will cause bug which does not allow you to declare any values except 1. So, if you face with it you should close the application then re-open it first then, instead of using comma, just add . for float values.

Still have the same problem :confused:

Ok, I actually managed to reproduce it constantly.

Create a rectangle > set individual border thickness > create a new line > go back to rectangle and change its thickness value > now go back to the line and try to change its thickness value > thickness is bugged.

After that if I create a new line again, its thickness will also be bugged.

Then if go back to rectangle and set a border for another side (so now there are left + bottom for example) and then go back to my line, there will be just empty space instead of value.

Whenever I set rectangle’s strokes per side to «all», the bug instantly disappears. And whenever I set individual border again, the bug appears as well.

These steps work for me every time on both my PC and laptop.

I use latest version of Figma Desktop App.
I don’t use comas in stroke values.


Since I encounter this bug multiple times since the last big update, I assume figma already working to fix this.

Same here. Please fix this guys! :frowning: