Issues with directional border behaviour after update

This morning, I noticed some issues with the directional borders after updating my Figma Desktop App to the latest version. Everything worked fine 12hours ago.

Ultimately I have a menubar with buttons that have a right border applied. They’re part of a bigger Autolayout wrapper that hosts a couple of things. Now when I want to add a bottom border to the overall wrapper, my button right-borders double up and behave weirdly.

Screen recording below:


I’m running into the same bug. Other strokes applied on any frame within the same component that I’m trying to add a directional border to are doubled up and buggy no matter how I structure the layers.

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I’m also experiencing a series of bugs with borders as of this afternoon.

1px outside stroke becoming 2px stroke, outside strokes failing to appear, directional strokes appearing on the incorrect sides, and — I think as a consequence — prototypes that heavily use strokes acting very broken.

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I’m so happy someone has posted about this already. I thought I was going insane :neutral_face:

When I opened up Figma this morning, I noticed some really strange rendering of strokes in the file I’m working with predominantly.


The strokes definitely did not look like that 15 hours earlier :expressionless:

Looks like some kind of rendering glitch?

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Just noticed another one, as soon as I move another component close to it, the border jumps over to the new component.


@Marc13 and others here – I just restarted the Figma app and I’m not seeing the stroke related issues I was seeing earlier.

Hope it’s the same case for you all! (maybe they’ve already released a fix)

Same, the stroke issue is fixed on restart (nice) but prototypes are still :sparkles:very glitchy​:sparkles: (less nice).

I was experiencing the same issue last night and filed a bug report about it. So far I’m not seeing the issue today so I’m hoping it’s resolved. Couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was going on.