Alignment shortcut, resizes the layers

Just wanted to highlight, using keyboard shortcuts for aligning two ore more layers isn’t working as expected.
With 2 or more layers selected, (Cmd + Ctrl + arrow keys) shortcuts aligns and then resizes the layer in that direction. Basically (Cmd + arrow keys) shortcut is firing in addition to the alignment shortcut.

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Can confirm this on PC as well. You should report it as a bug:

@Harshit_Rana, thanks for confirming I’m not going crazy!

Coming from Sketch and XD, I’ve been using + + arrow keys for alignment and thought they worked fine in Figma. I only recently noticed that text would wrap when I did (due to the width adjustment).

Figma Align Plus Resize

So now I’m wondering how many past designs did I align non-text objects and didn’t realize I probably shrunk them by one pixel! :scream_cat:

It’s also interesting that those shortcuts are nowhere in Figma’s documentation. They only show + A, W, S, or D for alignment.

Figma Align Shortcuts

I think Figma should either:

  • Update these shortcuts to not pass in the + arrow key press so it doesn’t also resize the items
  • Don’t support the shortcut at all; do nothing if someone presses + + arrow key

I like the first option better, but I can live with the second since I can just remap it in Keyboard Maestro.

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