Ability to add and interact with widgets for the published files in community?

I was looking at how widgets works and was amazed by the way it works. But I also see I don’t see any of these widgets being used by community members.

As of right now, we could only publish/ update our files in the community but we are unable to collect any data from it. There is only people commenting on the published post, or the likes on it.

Adding widgets in a way to collect data, eg: voting if someone liked a particular component, asking suggestions on designs etc… would be such a nice feature to implement. I was thinking of publishing a file as live and having everyone interact with it. Publishers of the file could define how guest(community) could interact with the file using widgets, right now everything we publish is view only (with no interaction, even unable to click links).

I wanted to add a vote widget near components that I make so that everyone could provide me with their thoughts on the designs, but this only seems possible for teams in orgs, I wish this to be something figma community can be part of.

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