User with viewer rol can't use poll and vote widget, is this true?

I’m trying to get votes on my concepts in Figma (not FigJam), but it seems that users with a viewer roll can’t interact with widgets. Or am I forgetting a step?

I’ve used these widgets:
Vote - Simple Vote | Figma Community
Poll - lil poll | Figma Community

A @Figma_Support intended this way. Check:

Only people with can edit access to the file can interact with widgets, including visitors in open sessions. This is because it’s possible for widgets to edit or interact with other layers and objects in the file.

Hey @Figma_Support it could be powerful if we could use widgets like vote and poll for viewer roll’s in Figma design files. So we can let users, customers, stakeholders, etc. vote on designs.

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If you also want viewers to be able to use plugins, don’t forget to vote here: Plugin for viewers.