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Why wont assets publish?

Hey everyone,

I have a system file that Ive been using and publishing for some time (with these components shared across other files). As of this week, when I try to publish, it shows 15 changes to publish, I hot publish and get the success message. the problem is, the changes are not publishing, the 15 changes are still needing to be published, it never resolves.

Any ideas???
Thank you!

@Bruno_Figueiredo :thinking:

I have the same problem. Ever find an answer? JP

No, nothing yet unfortunately

Hey @Christopher_Carney :wave:

Best suggestion I have is to go and check each component, probably reset any override fields, or even check if you need to rebuild parts.
Sometimes it’s just small things that are badly configured or Figma is just creating some form of loop in the changes.

This takes some time, but it’s still the best approach.

If everything else fails, support is the best way to go.