Is anyone else having issues publishing libraries? North America / Canada

For 30 mins now, libraries say they are publishing changes, but nothing happens in the main file. When checked, library still has the publish changes option enabled as if the previous publish did not happen. Is anyone else having this weirdness happening? It started happening half an hour ago


Figma is not loading any library here

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Hey All, so sorry for the trouble!

This was a bug that we discovered yesterday, but we’ve pushed a fix. Please refresh your tabs if it hasn’t already started working again.

Please let us know if you run into any further issues.

@Figma_Moderation This started happening again, FYI.

Hey @OG_Can, thanks for flagging!

Can you please try opening one of the files where you are not seeing the pop-up, then click the Assets tab and click ‘Libraries’ → ‘Updates’ → ‘All pages’. Do you see these updates there?

There has been a recent change on our side to this behavior, so the pop-up will not show when there are updates to be accepted, but you should still be able to update the instances/styles/variables.

FYI - we do not own Figma_Moderation, so there’s no need to loop in that handle in the future.

Yes, the updates are visible in the updates tab, and components update notice is also popping up. The component updates are a bit erratic, sometimes working, sometimes not working, probably because of the changes.

Any estimation to when this will be over? It feels like we are beta testing the software and I prefer not doing it working on client work.

Sorry for the trouble, @OG_Can!

We only rolled out this feature to 25% of users when you originally re-reported the issue, so it was expected to see some issues publishing at this time. Once rolled out to 100% of users, there should be no further issues.