Updating Assets

Is anyone else running into an unbearably horrible asset updating nightmare?
In my Design System file, I Publish Assets. Wait for them to publish, go to my working file that uses that Design System and… no changes.

Sometimes it’s because of a conflict in the Variations which is never obvious, but 90% of the time it simply doesn’t publish.
So you go back to the Design System, put in a space between text, take it out and then re-publish assets and then maybe it works.
But recently it takes 5-6 back and forth, closing files, closing figma, opening in web browser, restarting new Macbook, … etc until it works for no reason.
Then I get to work again for 20 mins then… all over again.

Either Asset publishing is broken AF on Figma’s side or I am unlucky that my files are just not friends.

I’ve lost 1000 of hours doing all this run around and each day at least an hour or two in total.

It’s some serious Sketch BS.

Any solutions or experience with this? Thank you

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