Why can't you be proud like Spotify? Why did you sell it to Adobe?!

Dear Figma owners (and also staff people as well)

This is a very depressing day for me when I heard the news that you have sold this wonderful platform to Adobe. I just wondering, why can’t you guys stay proud like Spotify, I mean, take a look at them! Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and many more want to buy Spotify but they kept their head high. But you guys didn’t!

You guys did the same mistake as Vine (remember guys before Tiktok was born, Vine was the #1 best entertaining app ever!).
When Vine has sold to Instagram suddenly it became dead. We can’t see our favorite Viners and everything was messed up.

I know it sounds overdramatic but I have got super anxiety. I have fallen in love Figma but now it is gone. Why are these companies abusing user’s souls? When you have found your favorite program and suddenly, “next day” the pogram has been sold out and became worse. Why?! I hope you as a developer thinks about this if you going to make your own software. TRUST the customers NOT money!

Sorry, but I have to say this to you
Shame on you Figma. Shame on you!

You didn’t win at all.

Ps. I was about to buy Figma to extend the version but nope I put my bank card back in my pocket.

Adobe has never ever been friendly company to me since I was teenager.



+100. And great point about Spotify.

Everyone is hating on Adobe.

But we should really be disappointed in Figma’s founders, too!

F@#! you, Figma for selling out on the best tool we’ve had to work with in decades.

This is “pending regulatory clearance”. Is there a small chance that this tragedy can be reversed? Could we ever trust a reborn Figma now, anyhow?

Figma, we thought we could TRUST you.


Absolutely gutted. An industry that has been financially gatekept from newcomer designers and creatives with lower incomes, Figma was finally a usable solution.

Now Figma has totally sold out to Adobe, absolutely a trash, capitalist-driven move. Worse, this will have consequences that extend far beyond just design communities, since design informs the world we live in and representation will now be even more uneven. Figma should be so, so ashamed.

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Great time to start importing your files into Sketch.

Good luck trying, Figma files are closed format and therefore cannot be simply imported into Sketch or other Design Tools without massive manual reverse-engineering.