Why can't I reorder this last variant property in the inspector?

I have added a new variant to my component but for some reason I am unable to change the sorting for it. It will stick to the bottom no matter what. Even when I copy the component into a new file it will not let me change the sorting. Is this a bug or is something preventing me from doing this that I might have overlooked?


Here is a link to the file where I pasted a copy of the component.

Hey @Arvid, this is because some variants are missing properties. Notice the error in the properties panel. Fix that and then you can reorder that property.

It is possible that the variant property in question is a read-only property and cannot be reordered in the inspector.
It’s also possible that the inspector is not set up to allow reordering of that particular property. This could be a limitation of the tool or framework that you are using.
It could also be an issue with the code, in that the property has been set as non-reorderable in the script.

thanks, that fixed it!

Ughh I have the same issue. I can’t rearrange and move the Text over Variants in the Properties list. And there is no error.

What’s the fix???