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When a component's source is on a different page, the instance doesn't respond correctly

I’ve created a dropdown component on a page called “Tools.” When clicking the component, it triggers an Overlay prototype action to display a frame for the dropdown menu. However, when the dropdown component is placed on a different page called “Flow” the prototype no longer displays the overlay on click as intended.

Here’s an example file

Apologies if this topic has been created before, I couldn’t find it via search.

Since there is no overlay frame on the second page (Flow), there is nothing to open.

Yeah, understood but isn’t the idea of Interactive Components to scope the prototype behavior to the component regardless of where the source is created? Seems like a common use case to keep components on different pages and allow them to work consistently.

In your example, the “Dropdown” overlay frame is not a variant of the interactive component. This frame is not a component at all.

And this is what you want to do: Create one prototype across the pages in a file

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