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Overlay on different page than preview

I’ve noticed that if I have an overlay, I have to place it in the same page as I’m viewing prototype from. My current workflow is that I have one page for all components and I have one page for all frames that are used directly in preview. So now, if I want to use some components as overlays, I have to move them from my components page and into my preview-frames page. I’m just wondering what is the recommended workflow… Should I keep my components in my components page and make instances to be placed in my previews page to which I apply interactions? I could put everything in one big page and not use pages at all, but I’d rather not. Is the overlay feature intended to be able to pick up overlays from other pages? Isolated interactive components work this way, they don’t care which page their master components reside and keep their interactions…

I don’t have an advice on your workflow: I think both options are valid and you can choose the one you find easier for yourself. But you can also vote for this suggestion: Create one prototype across the pages in a file

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