Variant Prototype Bug

See the following demo - navigating the component causes incorrect variants to be displayed. For example, selecting ‘Net’ and then navigating to the ‘Commission’ tab causes the advisor input to be prepended with an icon that is not present in any of the 4 variants. Navigating back to ‘Basic’ changes multiple properties of the ‘Supplier’ input including the label and the icon… Any idea what is going on here?

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I have same issue with variants. Any explanation from Figma team?

Issue seems to be related to the names of the frames within the variant. If the names are the same e.g. “Select/Outlined”, then the prototype will mistakenly replace one with the other but only for some of the frames. Changing names of the bugged frames seems to resolve the issue. Still believe this is a bug with variants.

I’m having the same issue. When I navigate to a page with a variant component (whether through a prototype interaction or by tabbing through screens with the arrow keys), the component defaults to a variant that is not the one in the design. This seems like a bug and I’m trying to track down the factors that might be causing it and determining which incorrect variant is shown.

I used to have the same problem. My friend, who has been working at Figma for a long time, helped me to solve it. But unfortunately I don’t remember how he fixed it.

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