Variant doesn't update visually in Prototype, but it updates its interaction properly

I have an add a component that exists on multiple frames, has multiple variants. Onclick, this component changes to different variants to simulate typing. After the typing has simulated, I have a Save Button setup to prototype saving the item. It essentially navigates to the next frame, where it returns to its default variant.

When I click on Save, it navigates to the right page, but the variant stays the same as the previous frame, although it’s setup to change to default.

This seems to be a bug, because clicking on the variant now exhibits the behavior of the default variant, but with the wrong variant design.

Is this an issue with Figma or with what I’m doing?


Try to check the Reset Component State in the Interaction Details menu in the prototype tab. That seemed to resolve the issue. It is used to reset the variant and state by default. Apply this Reset component state to the interaction between the frames/screens. Basically what links the Save button to the page you want to go to.
State Management


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