Variant interactions not working when using a published library in a separate document

I’m designing a pretty complex design system and I have several nested components and their variants not working in inherited documents when I publish the library.

For instance, I have a dropdown menu model with a :

  • main component, menu-dropdown, made of (say four) instances of the second component
  • menu-item, which has two variant states, one default, one hover.

My interactions between variants of menu-item work just fine in the design system file.
However when I publish the library and want to reuse the components in a separate file, the interactions don’t show up at all, even after updating (I tried hover, click, drag, nothing works).

Which kinda kills the point of the design system as I’d have to redo every interaction in every file I’m using.

Is it a bug or did I do something wrong ?

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I’m having the same issue

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This just turned a great excitement into a bummerfest for me :confused:


I am having the same issue. Interactive components are working in my design library file, but when I publish the interactive components, they do not work in other files that use that library. Help!

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Kind of same for me. Until interactions started working out of nothing, even though I didn’t change anything. Just played around in different files and put some components onto frames. So I guess this is a bug of sorts?

I hope this is a bug that Figma can resolve for us asap, else creating variants and interactive components becoming an useless step now =(


I was struggling with this too - just figured out that you have to have ‘Enable interactive components’ checked in the Prototype panel. Works for me now.Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 9.40.49 AM

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This seems to be very buggy. I have a library which is published and “Enable interation components” checked. I have another library file where I place the component just in a testing frame. The interaction works in the source library file but not a peer library file using the component. I have had it working but not correctly. The component in question I am testing is a loader with infinate looping. It works in the source file but in the destination file it worked for just one rotation and then stopped, no matter what I do it will now not rotate at all even when I add the component again and again.

I am having the same issue. I have a very complex design system with multiple variants. Interactive components are working in my design system file ( library file ), but when I publish the interactive components, they do not work in other files (even if I have placed it as an instance in frame, inside an instance of a component (which is again as instance) that use that library.

Interactive components increased the excitements, and hence registered for the beta use of the same, but while using it in real production file it is very very frustrating. I am scared to use interactive components, been trying since beta release, this issue still persist.

Please help on urgent basis.

I really hope that this is a bug that gets fixed quickly. It would be so nice to be able to publish interactive components with the rest of the team through our component library. This would save us a ton of time with prototyping.

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Hi, we’ve got the same issue with the “Enable interactive components” activate, so we have to duplicate the library…

I have also been having this issue. The interactions I set up within nested components won’t appear on the higher level component. I have checked the “enable interactive components”, any clue why this isn’t working?

Hi , same problem here - Figma please fix ASAP

Having the same issue, and I have interactive components enabled. :upside_down_face:

Hi! I had the same problem. I had some interactions (hovering effects) published but I couldn’t see them when I used the components in my final page designs. “Enable interactive components” was activated but still nothing. What worked for me:
I closed the present mode of my prototype (I used to leave it open because changes applied bofore…Not this time! In this case Figma had a problem updating the present view)
I unchecked the “Enable interactive components” box and then checked it again (I don’t know if that played any role in the final outcome) :upside_down_face:
I opened the present view again and it was working just fine.

Hope it works for you too!!! :crossed_fingers:



After a few hours of digging for more “advanced solutions”, this is the fix… Such a simple fix

Cheers and thank you!

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This is the solution, please pin this for other users to find easier!

@Nikos_Christopoulos Hi Nikos! You just found the answer there my friend! Thank you so much.

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