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Variant Interactions vs Interactions

Sometimes after creating components with variant interactions I can’t add typical interactions to cooperate them all … :confused:

Interactions set on the component take precedent over Variant Interactions. If you can share what you’re trying to do, I can see if I can help!

Yeah I knew that, but sometimes I cant edit and add something more for typical stuff, If I will have the same problem I’m back and then we can discuss, using real file/prototype to solve the problem :).

We’re actually running into what I think is the same issue. Clicking on Interactions does nothing.

Maybe I have a similar problem - when I try to switch components from one variant to another variant (a different component entirely), it is not possible. I can only switch types of variants within one variant.

I can confirm I’m having something similar happen on a button component with a few variant interactions.

Variant interactions:
Default State (mouse-enter) → change to Hover State
Hover State (mouse-leave) → change to Default State
Hover State (mouse-down) → change to Active State
Active State (mouse-up) → change to Hover State

I have an instance of the Default State button, and added an OnClick → navigate to another frame, and nothing happens.

If I disable the variant interactions on the instance, the OnClick works as expected.

If I had to guess it’s because the OnClick was initially attached to the Default State instance, and the actual clicking happens while the instance has been change to the Active State. However, the documentation seems to imply this kind of scenario should work as expected, so it seems like a bug.

I think I’m seeing this also. To clarify, I have a simple button with basic hover & active interactions built into the component. When I use an instance in a different file and try to give it the ‘Navigate To’ interaction, the component interactions work fine but it completely ignores the instance interaction.
Kinda the whole point of buttons…