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Variant instances not appearing until the state has been changed and then changed back again

There’s an extremely frustrating bug which is starting to ruin the many prototypes I have across a large design system.

Sometimes when I have a variant with nested components, the visual elements do not display at all (like the they are hidden). I’ve have reset all overrides on the instance, which should show the element as it is shown in the master and still no joy.

The only way it ever displays is if I switch the instance to another variant state and then put it back again… then bang it appears as it should.

I have also tried ‘regenerate all instances’ to see if its just a redraw error issue and that doesn’t work either.

This is causing me massive problems with my library as I now have many prototypes with close buttons not appearing or missing icons, simply because the instance will not redraw what the master is displaying unless I manually go into it and switch the variant state to something else and then set it back again.

I have also tried the same trick with the master in the hope it would solve the problem with the instances but it does not.

My only option is to manually go though every instance to fix them which is no good to us when we have literally several hundred screens using the same library across different files!!

Can someone please look into this, please as this is ruining my library, so I cannot rely on Ui elements appearing if it is a variant?

In the video example below, the master components have the ‘X’ showing but the instance will not show them, even if all overrides have been reset at multiple levels.
However, when the variant is switched and then switched back, the ‘x’ appears.


Hey @Paul_Lyons,

Thanks for flagging this! You can submit a bug report to our support team directly via the form here:

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