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Variant animation move in out

I am trying to animate a component that has two variants -
Default - closed state
Open - showing the tools within

When running the prototype, it animates fine when adding this component, the problem is that it only opens to the right, but I want it to open left or slide-out left as you see in the attached image. Options to slide out or move in/out are disabled.

Is this not possible with the interactive components

yet or am I missing something?

Please help.

I think what you’re wanting is the ‘Smart Animate’ option. It helps to think as an animator…
Your top component is the first frame and the second component is your ending frame.

However, you’ll want those icons from the bottom component to be in the first component as well. Just with an opacity of 0%.

The kebab menu icon will also need to be in the second component with an opacity of 0% so the smart animate can tween the frames in-between.

That circle will also need to be able to grow. The same layer needs to be in the first and second components.

I hope that makes sense!

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