[URGENT] How to restore deleted library?

Hey team,

I was restructuring our design teams files. As part of this work:

  1. Created teams for specific product segments
  2. Created specific projects to house Figma files
  3. Started moving files from the OLD team to the NEW Team with revised projects
  4. After moving the files it looks like a copy was maintained in the old team. I removed this file, which in turn removed file in the NEW team.

Now I am boned :frowning:

Hi @Luc_Sengers ,
Thanks for reaching out. I checked in our system that you have filled a ticket, and the technical and engineering team had solved the issue.

For visibility in the community, we believe the bug is affecting what’s shown in the deleted items page .
The workaround is to toggle the filters a few times and then return to ‘Created by anyone’ and check if the files are shown.
Still, the engineers are still investigating the underlying issues in more depth.

Thank you!

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