Updated interactions and design missing in the Prototype overview

Hi! I’m curious if anyone of you guys is having similar problem:
I’ve made some updates to design and prototype connections after testing with users

  • the design updates are not being shown in the Play option of Prototype
  • the connections I’ve set are gone in Play option of Prototype

I’ve tried to copy the screens into a new Page and adding all the connections again
I’ve tidied up the flows,
already closed and reopen, even restart the pc. I checked the preview topics and changed properties in figma shortcut as in one of the discussions here - still same problem :frowning:

I don’t remember having this issue before the last updates.
anyone is having similar issues? Any ideas on what might be the reason? Am I missing something? :thinking:

I experienced a similar issue, where Flows were missing from the prototype sidebar. What worked for me was clearing my Figma app data.

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