Issue w/ Prototype

Hi, I’m fairly new to Figma and working on a prototype and I’m having some issues with my Flow. Some of my connections are not responding. I went back to double check if they were even connected but they were. I also tried deleting the specific line and redoing it but same result.

Idk if I have to do the entire Flow over (which I don’t mind doing, I just don’t know how to delete the current one)

or where to go from here.

Any tips or suggestions would very greatly be appreciated.

  • Thanks for your time in advance.

With nothing selected, you’ll see your flows in the right panel under the prototype tab.


As for your issue, it’s hard to say without further information. Could be that you have multiple flows and are just presenting the wrong one. Please share your design or images that demonstrates the issue so that I can see it more clearly.

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