Thumbnails for variant properties

Thumbnails for variant properties

I have 100+ Icons that I have combined as a variant. The only distinguisher between that is the naming conventions. Is there a way to include small thumbnails too next to each instance? It’ll help new designers when handing over.


No, item thumbnails cannot be shown in the Variants dropdown menu. And you don’t need to use Variants for your icons. Make each icon a separate component.

Here’s what Figma has to say about this:

Thanks for the reply. However, with the icons, I have different colours and sizes. Ideally, they could just be components but they won’t inherit the flexibility of the property values you can add or select a different icon within the right-hand side panel.

You will have a thousand more problems with icons as variants. Just don’t do it. Variants are not made for this. You can use variants for different versions of the same icon (e.g. thickness, color) but the whole icon set in one variant is a big no-no.