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The worst bug I have ever encountered: Permanently lost style definition in design library

So today I encountered probably the worst bug ever after being a huge Figma advocate for so long. Let’s say you’re working on a project and are using a design library. If you accidentally “Move Style Definition into this file” and then try to undo it with CMD/CTRL+Z, you will forever lose that style definition. It will be in your design library, but no projects that use that library will read it.

So suddenly all my company’s components that use “Body” are just “Helvetica 16px”.

I had to delete the “Body” style in the design library and manually set all the text inside to a NEW “Body” style again.

I had to spend the past few hours fixing the discrepancies caused by this bug or “feature”.

More info and other users mad about the same thing:


Vote for this idea: Remove "move style definition into this file"


Thanks, it’s good to see I’m not the only one encountering this issue.

While we’re at it, they should make the undo function actually undo the move, not break that style and put it in limbo.

I guess I did the same too. Wasted several days to undo and get to a state where the styles were linked.

So frustrating.