The newly created file cannot be moved to the team, whether it is a free team or an educational team

When I create a new file and attempt to move it to either a personal free team or an educational team, I receive a notification that I do not have the necessary permissions to move the file to the project. I’m unsure why this is happening, and I would like to find a support person to help resolve this issue. Additionally, my drafts is still the old version. I would like to inquire about when the drafts will be updated?

Hey @Spectral_L - sorry about this! I think this is related to a bug our engineering team is looking at right now. I’ll shoot you an update when I get more info on my end.

Hey @Spectral_L - in reviewing this, it looks like you’ve filed a few support tickets regarding this already.

This issue will need to be handled via email moving forward, since it involves your personal files and teams. Someone should be in touch with your shortly.

Thank you for your patience. Please make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder as well just in case a response goes there.

I will be closing this topic, but feel free to open up a new one if you have any questions regarding a different issue.